Friday, November 2, 2012

Tomorrow Comes

I don't know where the times goes, but I cannot believe its November. And yet, as I write this, my New Jersey/New York family reminds me what really is important. Time is relative and life as you know it can change in a moment...or in "Sandy's" case-a 24 hour moment. My family, still are without power, laughing and joking about camping out in the rumble, using "somebody's" wifi signal to say we're OK, and sharing whatever they have with whomever they can for that all important meal, shelter or shower. Yes, they lost a lot, but its just stuff. That which is most precious, each other, is sitting next to them, safe, reasonably dry, holding hands, reaching for that last Pringle. They are tenacious; they will come back; they have each other.

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