Friday, January 4, 2013

Spirals, Swirls, and Color

Before the holidays, our quilting group got together at Pam's where she lead a mini-session in designing spirals and swirl blocks. The picture you see is an example of how to use the blocks you design. Isn't it wonderful how dynamic the color interaction becomes as your eye moves from block to block.
After our lesson, our REALLY prolific group of quilters shared some of their newest projects. Vicki used blocks and triangles to produce her cats.
Pam created a gift landscape that is pieced, painted, and thread painted. Terry completed this wall hanging for her nephew. The insects were embellished, often appearing 3D. Looking at these pieces, I sense a trends... critters. Critters that almost jump off the quilt.
Nancy stitched these stars out of remnants for her Veterans' quilt project, and Mary completed this geometric design for a friend. I am in awe...perhaps I need to get myself inscribed on one of their christmas lists. Beautiful work, as always, ladies.

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