Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Knit or To Sample?

When knitters gather, you would anticipate yarns, needles, projects in production, people sharing ideas, and folks mentoring others. Well, that's true, but this meeting was right after the holidays, and we had a slightly different agenda item.
What do we do with leftover treats? Hmmm, bring them to knitting to share. I really struggled with this task...should I knit these socks or sample these wonderful petit fours. Guess which won, and I really appreciated all of the assistance provided by my fellow knitters. They made the ultimate sacrifice to sample the treats, just to make sure I did not eat any chocolate ones...what friends! YUMMY! We really did do some knitting. Everyone had a project underway, kimono sweaters for the Domestic violence center, beaded bracelets, scarves, or socks. Now this afghan really is a treat. Linda has almost finished this afghan with its panels of cables which was begun many years ago by a family member, a treasure to share.
As always, friends helping friends.

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