Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quilter's Show and Tell

Nancy's charity quilt
Spring seems to be dilly-dallying and winter just keeps hanging on, and yet...
To get through the doldrums, we quilt. To ignite our passions, we quilt. Because we breathe, we quilt.

Last month, we journeyed out into the coutnry to share a morning, to share out passion with out know, those folks who are just as excited as you are about fabric.

Marilyn's applique

This was show and tell

As one of our quilters was going through the boxes of a deceased family member,  this partially completed yo-yo quilt was discovered. How exciting, trying to recoup the time, energy and beauty of a quilt begun many, many years ago.

And another ran across this really fun pattern to
produce blocks of vegetables...Can you just imagine the interesting quilt this will make-- Vegetable Soup.

As I post this, we have had our first real taste of Spring,  and now these vegies will grow in our gardens,

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