Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weaving with Fabric Strips

In historical times, folks took old clothes, curtains, sheets and cut them into strips to make rugs with what they had. Over time, the practice of salvaging fabric has changed a little. Today, a weaver decides the structure and the design before looking for their fabric strips. Sometimes, they don't have enough of any one color for the design they have in mind.  There are several ways to remedy that problem. 1. Have a great quilter friend with a stash who's willing to share. 2. Go to Good Will or Crowded Closet. 3. Check all those boxes you inherited from your Mother, your Auntie, your Grandma, there might be fabric or old stuff to cut up. 4. Dye anything you have. We have been known to dye a half a dozen of Auntie's old sheets. Lastly, only after you exhausted all salvaging methods... off you go to the fabric store.

Now you have the fabric and the idea...just how do you cut, join, weave, bind, or hem these strips into this new masterpiece. At the last weavers' meeting, Cathy and Linda presented a program explaining the tools needed for cutting/tearing the fabric strips for weaving with fabric strips, the techniques for weaving with fabric and the resources available from the guild library.  I must admit I was blown away by the examples provided.
Runners and Placemats
There was such a vast array of items, all woven with fabric strips as your weft.

The complicated patterns that are produced were spectacular.

Upper Left...Runner, Lower Right...Rug

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