Monday, June 2, 2014

Historic Coverlet Given to Plum Grove

This historically designed coverlet originally belonging to Marie Buck, was given to Plum Grove for display.   Plum Grove was the home of Iowa's first territorial governor, Robert Lucas and his wife, Friendly. It is a seven room Greek Revival house constructed of local red brick and furnished with authentic period pieces from 1844-1853. The State Historical Society of Iowa owns and preserves the Plum Grove Site which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The bed covering is unique in that it is handwoven in 17th and 18th century patterns through a "block exchange" with 16 weavers from the Craft Guild of Iowa City. Each weaver choose a pattern/structure, wove 20 of the blocks in colors designated by the final owners. At the exchange, the each weaver received their blocks in their color and added a few additional ones to balance the coverlet. Marie's coverlet was unfinished at the time of her death and a close friend, Lue Puhrman put the blocks together. She said, "it was like a community coverlet."

Nancy Granner, Vicki Tardy,
Lue Puhrman, Jeanne Cadoret
It is very fitting that this coverlet is to be open to the community, to see, to enjoy, to experience. Marie Buck was just that kind of weaver, one who gave of herself and of her craft. As a very novice weaver, she coddled me, nurtured me, encouraged me to persevere with difficult and complex projects. She once said "those are the ones you'll remember most."  Marie's coverlet, as you can see, is an exquisite red and cream blend of different patterns and textures.  It is one that will be remember.

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