Monday, June 2, 2014

Study Group Does Bateman

Experimenting with bamboo sticks in Extended Divided Twill Weave 
As a program for the weaving group, the study group shared their experience over the  past two years. They focused on a weaving system defined by Dr. William Bateman.  This gentleman was a retired chemist who decided to explore the loom much like one would perform a scientific experience. He progressed through the known variations, i.e. overshot, summer and winter, crackle, twill, and other variations until he must have asked the question WHAT IF? That what if became a whole new weave system. He was very meticulous in his work; he wove samples for each of his drafts and documented in detail how he achieved that sample, including fibers used, sett and treadlings. His daughter realizes just how much information he had gleaned and sought an expert weaver to bring his work to publication. His six monographs, Multiple Tabby Weaves, Bateman Blend Weaves, Park Weaves,  Extended Divided Twill Weaves, Extended Manifold Twill weaves, and Boulevard, Chevron and Combination weaves are reasonably short, only 90-100 pages, but they speak volumes and are incredibly rich with design, color, and texture potential.

Extended Divided Twill Gamp

Note the color blending across the warp on this gamp.
Towels, runners and shawls using various Bateman weaves
Towels using Various Bateman Weaves

The most remarkable skill/insight I personally developed/discovered as we worked our way through the monographs was sample, sample, sample, and NEVER be afraid to experiment. What a gift Dr. Bateman and his daughter did for weaving generations today and in the future.

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