Friday, April 17, 2015

Yikes, Stripes, Weaving Stripes

The weavers program was all about stripes, and in nature, we see color interplay much as we do in our manufactured stripe. Anytime, you need inspiration, look out the window. Jeanette, Nancy and Vicki shared how colors in nature use stripes to achieve the maximum punch, and its impact to our weavings.  
Jeanette, Vicki, and Nancy discussing stripes

 Jeanette illustrated using fibonacci or various color relationship theories to help design your interplay of color through stripes. Rugs, towels, table linens were all fine examples.
Note: the shifted ikat or navaho looking stripes

Nancy helped visualize ikat color design technique through her magnificent samples of pattern and color.
Vicki continued that Stripes does not always mean using different colors, but that patterns and backgrounds of the same color is another way to use stripes in fabrics, towels, linens or any handwovens.  The use of a pattern such as summer and winter or huck is frequently woven white on white as a stripe with plain weave 

A striped warp is not necessarily only for a stripe. As you can see below in these show and tell items. Many looks from the same warp. Oops, that sounds like another program. 

From this striped warp, we have plaids, stripes. 

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