Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quilting Class Samples

This year, the quilters have taken a two focus approach to their meetings, learning and sharing. Whether it is a formal class structure or informally when a quilter simply shares a tidbit learned through experience, we frequently learn something new. This sharing holds a secret. When we see what others have done, we are inspired; a new trick is demonstrated, a problem is solved and when stories of faux paus's are told, we are consoled...Now y'all know how many times we rip out stuff. Our frustrations in the rip out become meeting fodder. All this helps us to become better and more confident quilters.

Here are two examples of blocks from a class Nancy taught in November on stack and slash blocks. They are so simple and so quick to complete.

The first block shown here is made by stacking 2 squares and cutting them into pieces. Rearrange the pieces between the blocks as shown and sew.

Another example of stacking and slashing your blocks: this begins as a simple 9 patch, it is cut in half vertically and horizontally. The sections are rearranged to form a new block design.

Happy Quilting

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