Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilting on a Snowy Morning

This winter has been sort-of the winter that wasn't. Now I'm not complaining. I soooo wanted no snow for my daughter's late November wedding, but it does seem that the great weather Gods are confused. No snow in December, January and finally in late February when we're all ready to move on to Spring it snows. And it snows on the day the quilters gathered at Molly's. Luckily, neither snow nor cold slows a quilter; it simply encourages them to cozy up and quilt. It was amazing the different quilts in progress displayed during show and tell.

This incredible quilt is all triangles, received via a block exchange through which Pam exchanged triangles with quilters from 16 countries and each of the 50 States. The unique quilt contains 960 different triangles and will be hang on point.

Terry's working on a wall hanging

Marilyn loves her scraps...look what she's been doing lately.

But we don't insist you only bring your quilting, you never know what will excite the fiber princess in all of us.

A new quilter watches as the others encourage her dream. She is a weaver, who brought along that little extra handwork.

A few brought their knitting, one to show this wild self-ruffling piece, another helping solve a friend knitting snafu.

What a way to spend a morning...

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