Sunday, February 5, 2012

Student Weavers' Workshop

Each fall, beginning weavers take classes to learn the craft, only to be worried about all they don't know. And every year, I am amazed at how much they learn in such a short time. Somehow I don't remember learning this much this fast...I guess I'm just a slow learner. Or perhaps I spend too much time swearing AT my loom rather than weaving ON it.

After the primary classes were completed, a workshop was designed to provide the students with multiple opportunities to weave samples of structures and fibers new to them while only having to prepare one loom. This photo illustrates the color and weave samples of just one student. Samples, such as these, are often references during the planning phase of your next weaving, whether you're looking for color interactions, weave structure or fiber.

As each new weaver feels the joy of fiber in the hands...a light goes on somewhere in life, the excitement of creativity. Enjoy. And to all those in the workshop...what incredible samples you created.

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