Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Annual Meeting

On May 1, the Craft Guild held the Annual Meeting and pot luck. It is the official end of the year with reports, the election of the new officers, and our graditude for those who made this year possible. Lucy Hansen, president, Linda Bergquist, treasurer (both outgoing), Cathy Willoughby, vice-president, and Terry Jones, secretary. THANKS!!!!! Cathy continues as president, with Terry as Secretary and Molly Tewson and Trish Turner join the board as Vice President and Treasurer. We must thank those who have maintained the house, Dorothy Jacobsen for the kitchen counter "puzzle" fix, Craig for the new floor paint, those who cleaned, and lastly, we THANK Glenn Boutelle for keeping our yard in such great shape. We've had a remarkable year and are excited about the upcoming new ventures.
The POTLUCK: It was a wonderful repast, crepes with chicken and spinanch, meat loaf, deviled eggs, pork roast, vegie lasagna, fresh garden aparagus, and salads of every kind. What a grand way to start the Annual meeting gathered around the table. But....There were NO Desserts! Hmmmmm, I wonder what that says about our group. Are we becoming more health consious. Are desserts more work. Nahhh, it's probably none of the above...we just had the fixin's we needed in the house. WE really did need to focus on getting those reports ready. .

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