Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Press Citizen Interviews the Craft Guild

(photo, Press Citizen, September 12, 2011)

The Press Citizen came to the Craft Guild of Iowa City's Annual Fall Open House to see what we have to offer. The reporter, Rob Daniel, interviewed several of the members, while the photographer took photos of member's plying their craft. And for some plying is exactly what Deb was doing, ply-split braiding, while Wendy was spinning some yarn. Members bring in their work, maybe it's a thrown vase or poured bowl, a sweater, a rug, towels, quilts, or wall hanging. The items are a reflection that what can be done is limitless. This is always such an exciting afternoon. We've all been involved with other things over the summer and this event serves as a catalyst to kick start our creative energies. The cookies and punch encourage just hanging out to share stories with each other, or with potential members who come to see our program and facility.

Just in case you missed it... a copy of the press citizen article can be viewed on the press citizen website, www:// or google craft guild of iowa city.

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