Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Small Pieces Become Great Quilts

Last meeting, Marilyn taught us what to do with all those little pieces. This is the stuff that ends up all over the floor or ruining your vacuum, the stuff I have been known to throw away. Amazingly, stitching together either small pieces or strips and re-cutting them into specific shapes produces incredible quilt patterns. Another method was to stitch together your pieces, add a common color to merge those scraps/shapes into a block. You may then treat the quilt using a block design without all those "Oh, My, and other less printable exclamations" Y-seams.

Marilyn walked us through the process and Nancy provided us with several examples of finished quilts or wall hangings. She sent a copy of the book "Scrap Patchwork and Quilting" in which she has the directions for the fabulous quilt you see folded behind Marilyn. Fascinating process, you get to quilt without adding to that horrendous stash that seems to have a life of its own AND you get to use up all that "mess" you have after cutting every quilt. For the last several years I have been saving all that "stuff/mess" for Marilyn...I don't know, Marilyn might have created a monster and maybe its no more "stuff" for her. ;-)

Remember, Nancy is going to have a hands-on workshop using these techniques November for us. Happy Quilting.

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