Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quilting...and Deer?

Now what could this deer have to do with quilting. Every August the fawns borne in the spring come to my gardens to sample everything I have, to learn what's good, what they like and dislike and what will make them stronger and capable of making it through a hard winter's night. So it is with quilting. It's always more than just a quilt. Friends gather to share their morning, learn about something new, to sample just in case we learn to love it. To see new dimensions, to encourage the journey all while supporting each other's passions, and helping to carry the burdens of new frustrations--all are part and parcel of the quilt group. It's this fabric of our lives in many ways that makes it easier to get through a hard winter's night, and to embrace that new challenge.

So on that Thursday morning, The CGIC quilters brought their ideas, their projects and themselves for the fall meeting at Anna's. What do we do with all those little pieces, too small to make an entire quilt...some see them as scraps, throw aways, some see them as quilts. Marilyn Little and Nancy Granner will provide programs on how to use these pieces as fundamental frameworks for quilting. In September, Marilyn will begin with a demo program, followed a hands-on program by Nancy in November. Later in the spring, Vicki will guide us through weaving fabric quilts-interesting concept. A little down home cobbler and show and tell made for a great morning.

Like the deer, in the upcoming months, I will sample with abandon, not making assumptions; scraps aren't trash but small, albeit, very small quilt beginning. And the group will hold my hand when I groan...

Definitely a better plan than watching the deer eat anything remotely resembling plant-life.

Check out Pam's applique work.

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